May 12, 2021

Summer Internship at técrave

As every year, técrave has come up with Summer Internship Program 2021, técrave interns play an important role in building the future for our customers. The possibilities you'll explore, and your ideas and initiative drive the impact you'll have. You will chart your path and own your development, career, and future. In other words, your experience and trajectory at técrave are in your hands.

We are very excited to drive this year's Summer Internship Program Offered by técrave. As seen love & support from our Students Worldwide this year, we are planning to come up with the Campus Ambassador Program to inherit the mentorship of our company into your Doorsteps. Stay tuned to know more about CAP.

By seeking the amount of Passion & Dedication our Interns show for the company, we have open two new verticals for our Interns to gain their experience at:

1. Content Curation

2. Public Relation (PR)

To know more about this Internship, please download our Internship Criteria Document.

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If you need any assistance regarding the internship prgram you can schedule a call with our intern team.