March 1, 2023

Criteria for Content Curation Internship at técrave

Effective content curation highlights amazing content that the audience has never seen in a way that adds value and impresses the original source. We are looking for result-oriented candidates with high proficiency in digital content creativity, production & curation, and a deep understanding of digital media tools.

Key Qualification

• Strong verbal and written communication skills.

• Ability to effectively manage multiple projects at the same time, prioritize tasks, identify and mitigate risks, and meet tight deadlines while still maintaining high-quality work.

• Strong digital literacy and technology skills.

• Ability to make decisions and sound judgments on content with limited information available.

• Self-starter with a high degree of curiosity, structured thought process, and creative problem-solving skills.

• Eagerness to learn; look beyond current limitations and results.


• Produce well-researched content for the company.

• Agree upon posting schedule for curated content that includes which platforms and their respective frequencies.

• Create a schedule and process for curating to consistently meet posting timeline.

• Contextualize content to help make it more meaningful as possible to a specific audience.

• Monitoring and evaluating how the audience interacts and responds with the content.

• Writing engaging and persuasive blogs.

• Use keyword research and SEO guidelines for the purpose of optimizing content.

• Structuring the content to make it more readable or shareable overall.

Internship Condition

• The Internship is related to an educational purpose, and there is no guarantee or expectation that the activity will result in employment with the técrave.

• The education received by the Intern from the internship is for the express benefit of the Intern.

• The Intern does not replace or displace any employee of técrave.

• The Intern will receive direct and close supervision by an appropriate supervisor.

• The Company does not derive an immediate advantage from the activities performed by the Intern.

• The intern is not entitled to wages or any compensation or benefits for the time spent in the internship.

• técrave is not liable for injury sustained or health condition that may arise for the intern during the internship.

• The intern should be more than 18 Years of Age.

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